Fuckity bye

I'm no longer active on this blog, like, I was putting it aside anyway. I didn’t even know what was this blog about anymore. My queue was a mess and so was my dash. To be honest with you, all I could see in my dash was Dan and Phil and bands I don't listen to. And also I think I may not be that into YouTube anymore. But I will keep up this blog as an archive.

If any of you actually give a shit about the crabstickz network I could give you the theme code and the network can be yours.

I probably won't be coming back. Thank you for following me, reblogging and liking my posts. I still get a lot of notifications on my old mobile. I'm not saying goodbye to tumblr, though. I'm active on this blog. If you like Doctor Who you should check it out. You can always talk to me or ask me anything, just write something on that ask box down there and I shall answer it privatly under the name polisbox. +